Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Letter to Hilary Swank from Anonymous (Inbox)

Ms. Swank,

I am writing to tell you how excited the ALS community is to hear the news regarding your purchase of the movie rights to the novel by Michelle Wildgen, "You're Not You".  It is rumored, and I hope true that it may be in the development stage. 
As a person coping with ALS, I found the novel full of vivid descriptions that are all so familiar to ALS.  I don't need to explain this illness to you because this novel did an excellent job depicting the relationship between patient and caregiver.  I am excited that somehow maybe through you, the general public will see two sides to this tragic disease.  ALS is the ultimate challenge for ones marriage, children, family and friends.  My ALS journey started five years ago and I have learned a multitude of life altering things.
Somehow ALS always focuses on the patient but Michelle made the reader take a walk with Bec, Kate's hired caregiver.  If ALS is the disease we want to whisper about, where does that leave the one doing all the emotional duties?  I have had my share of relationships and thankfully a long time ago I found the companion that took me without any warranty.   Some people can go through life untouched by tragedy or without a real test of true love.  ALS could be the prelim that brings out real qualities we never thought possible.   Love can be measured in many ways but high marks are rewarded for the loved one that steps up to handle the most discrete of daily duties. 
During my five years of coping with ALS, I have found it painfully hard to get anyone to look normally in the ALS direction.  I would thank God above for sixty seconds of airtime on the tragedies of ALS.  To think that an actress like you could create a buzz never before heard is a dream come true.  You have the heart as well as the art to tell Kate's story with grace and dignity. 
I'm not sure what your intentions are for the big screen, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that ALS has a chance for real awareness.  I wish you success in whatever you plan to do with this novel but I'd like to thank you in advance.


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