Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Farewell Bobby Brannigan Farewell

So You Know Bobby & Becky Brannigan?   
This Harley riding enthusiastic couple has been married for 30 yrs, home is the small town of Spruce Pine. Bobby has been coping with ALS since 1994 and is one of the early ALS advocacy pioneers. Becky works full time for the school system and as the caregiver she counts on their two children, daughter Betsy 23, son Rusty 19. Both are a great help and have a real understanding of living with ALS in their home. Bobby has been instrumental in the develepment of the web site, Patients Like Me. He mastered copy and paste years ago and has recorded more than 1300 posts on Neurotalk Communities. Over those years he has helped us cope with ALS and continues to have the spirit to grab additional handfuls of life. Let's say one day you get really sick of the computer and your powerchair. Bobby did, he turned to his caregiver and said, "Lets go Skydiving"! Heck, I can fall out of a plane, no problem.  That's exactly what Bobby & Becky did and it was off to the airport. Bobby suited up and jumped tandem with Sebastian Sky Dive. Located in Florida, this group is skilled at jumping with disabled people. When you see the photos the proof is in his eyes. Wait, this story goes on! Bobby turns to Becky, and says "Lets stop in Daytona and take a ride in Tony Stewart's car! Guess what? Tony Stewart's car was not available but Bobby was the first to say, "How about Dale's #8?" With racing suit, fire cap and helmet the guy from North Carolina was about to do 175 mph., a real man of steel. Stay tuned sports fans, next plan is a side car for the Brannigan's Harley.  Thank you Bobby and Becky for sharing your adventure. 
Hey, Steven Hawking, Weightlessness, Ha? 
Article from the Brick by Brick Newsletter, 7/4/07
Bobby passed Memorial Day 2009

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Becky said...

I just came across this by accident of my late husband Bobby Brannigan. Thank you so much for a wonderful tribute and kind words about Bobby. I still have people from the USA as well as all over the world speaking on the behalf of Bobby's awareness for ALS. He is greatly missed by the ALS community and at home. Thank you for posting this wonderful blog. I shared this on facebook.
Becky Branigan