Wednesday, May 20, 2009

$4 Gas 4 ALS B4 July 4

July 4 is the big day when ALS will be front and center to millions of Americans as MLB celebrates its 4 ALS campaign and the anniversary of Lou Gehrig's farewell.

Remember Memorial Day just a year ago when gas was over $4 per gallon? That was painful, it forced us to conserve, and we dug deeper into our pockets to fuel our cars.

Here's an idea. Buy "pretend $4/gallon gas" between the two holidays. It might actually cure a disease. Every time you fill up between now and July 4, do the mental arithmetic on how much that tank would have cost you a year ago. Put the difference in an envelope. On July 4, pick an ALS charity and send your pretend $4 gas money to one of those charities to support ALS research.

It's that simple. We found a way to pay for $4 gas last year, and we can find a way to pay for a cure for ALS this year.

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