Friday, May 1, 2009

ALS Milestone was a Sugar Packet?

Saturday morning I sat in Mc'Donalds having breakfast with a wonderful hot cup of coffee.  I have always liked my coffee decorated with a little cream and sugar.  ALS had made my fingers so weak that doing a simple task like opening a sugar packet was a real challenge.  As I struggled with the sugar packet I had a flash back of an old Candid Camera episode.  Mr. Allen Funt had sugar packets made from a material that even the healthiest person could not tear open.  The scene took place at a breakfast counter with a poised colored man who was about to be one of many Candid Camera victims.  The man tugged and tugged at the packet, looked around to see if anyone was watching and continued to tug. Next he held the packet up to the light examining and confirming a little paper packet was not going to get the best of him.  He tried again with no success and became very anxious to fix the problem and wanted only to get on with his coffee.  He looked both directions to see if anyone was watching and without hesitation dropped the whole packet into his cup of coffee.  At that point Allen Funt came out and approached the man with this question, "Excuse me but did I just see you put that sugar packet in your coffee "?  His rapid reply was, "Yeah man, I always do it this way"! That was the coolest man I ever saw on camera and I will never forget his strong witty reply. 
Just like that candid camera star, I turned around to see if anyone was watching me and very slowly placed the sugar packet in my coffee.  
Then I thought, wouldn't be great if Allen Funt came out from hiding and told me "Smile You're on Candid Camera".
When a simple sugar packet wins it could be the beginning of something really horrible like ALS.  May is ALS Awareness Month.


LianneGoes said...

I love this blog. Lucky drink my coffe without the sugar.
Greetings Lianne, The Netherlands, living with ALS since March 17 2009

Anonymous said...

Oh man, the fight to hold the tears back is on after reading this. Good stuff...bravery shines out of this.