Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Fight Against ALS Needs A Guiding Star

An activist, not merely a celebrity spokesperson...

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ALS Grumpy said...

Dame Elizabeth was a beacon when I was involved with the fight for funding for AIDS research in 1987. Elton John, her dear friend, also lent his public power to the AIDS fight.

For ALS the focus on the disease and the funding for research has been spotty. Of course, Augie Nieto, an ALS patient and mogul in the physical fitness business has and is using his fame to raise funds for ALS research. Why ALS has not found a spokesperson of Dame Elizabeth's stature remains a mystery. Suffice it to say that a spokesperson of her caliber could be a major boost for getting ALS out of the shadows and stimulate the donations needed for research and patient care.

Please take the time to read the link that explains what the disease is and its relentless path to complete paralysis. It's no fun. I have ALS and as such am grumpy.