Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stem Cell grants going to the California State University system

Campuses in the California State University system will receive about $16 million for stem cell research, one of the first grants after President Barack Obama's lift on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
Embryonic stem cells are the beginning cells where all tissues are formed and research in the sector has been opposed due to many seeing it as destruction of human life, as embryos are destroyed in the process of extracting the stem cells, according to WebMd.com.The California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, a state agency created in 2005 as part of Proposition 71, will be providing the funds. San Jose State University and San Francisco State University are two of the 10 state universities receiving a grant, with about $1.7 million awarded to each university.
"It's cool to see SJSU be a part of this research," said Emily Benstead, a sophomore nursing major. "We're involved with a project with other schools such as Stanford and UC Berkeley."
"As a future biology researcher, I'm happy to see science allowed to do what it's supposed to do," said Thao Le, a senior biology major. "And I'm glad SJSU is a part of it."

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