Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Not Take ALS As $eriously As Our Hoops?

Todd Lickliter was fired as Nebraska basketball coach after three seasons. The alumni and fans and students grew impatient after another losing season. They were willing to spend a huge sum of money in a struggling economy to send him on his way and terminate his contract. He did nothing illegal or immoral. He simply didn't win enough games.

According to Bloomberg, public colleges and universities have spent $79.5 million in severance payout money to send coaches packing in the last three years.

Those are just the public institutions in their study. They don't count the added millions that private universities have spent in the same pursuit of winning at sports (and I know one well that specializes in having one football coach for the price of three).

Compare $79.5 million dollars to what we have spent on ALS research.

Compare three years to the 141 we've spent in losing season after losing season trying to find the cause and cure for ALS.

Unfortunately the students in the ALS scenario don't survive to be alumni.

Is available?

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Anonymous said...

Don't you understand "Sport God's" are different. They're leaders choosen to Cure our sickness of entertainment addiction, a serious disease. This week we will witness the second coming of the "Golf God". We overlook his judgements and still it's more important than broadcasting a Cure for ALS.