Friday, April 9, 2010

Be Ready With The Waldo Defense

Are you going to ALSA Advocacy Day activities in Washington in May? You might want to print a copy of the article (link follows) from the Motley Fool and be ready to play a little "Where's Waldo" with a legislator (especially a difficult one who doesn't want government interfering with ALS).

It shows 42 future leading companies from a meeting of leading-edge biotechs. This is the private sector at its best, using emerging technologies to solve significant health problems.

Find someone working on ALS in that group.

So if you call on a legislator who says that ALS is not a problem that the federal government can or should pursue, simply hand him or her this article and say, "Where is ALS on this list?" It's there... once. It's like finding Waldo in a circus of priorities that seem more profitable (or perhaps easier) to the private sector.

I rest my case.

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