Monday, April 5, 2010

Mothers' Day Is Never The Same After The ALS

ALS changes Mothers' Day. Brunches give way to meals that do not require travel, buffet lines, and the motor neurons that are required to eat successfully.

Millions of daughters and sons who have lost mothers to ALS would love to be able to send one more box of candy or one more vase of colorful flowers.

I offer a suggestion for those who miss those old brunches and flowers and family gatherings. Since things are never the same after the ALS, please consider a way of paying tribute to Mom and doing some good so that ALS might not ruin Mothers' Days for others. On May 9, Mothers' Day, the traveling Piece by Piece exhibit will be displayed in Washington, DC, directly on Pennsylvania Avenue, midway between the White House and the United States Capitol Building. Sponsoring a mannequin with your Mom's name will honor her and will help raise some national awareness and conscience about a disease that has devastated far too many families.

Your mother's tribute mannequin will then move to the shadow of the United States Capitol Building on Tuesday, May 11, when hundreds of ALS advocates will call on legislators to seek research funding. And it will go on and on as the display continues.

It's something that Mom might like to be a part of.

Please click here for more information.

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