Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where Do The Fines Go?

Last week I read that a Superbowl participant was fined $10,000 for wearing an unauthorized hat at media day. That reminded me that Bill Belichick dropped a ton of money in spygate fines a few months ago. Indiana Pacers have been huge contributors to the NBA's fine fund recently. NASCAR finally decided that their huge fines fund would go to charities as is the custom with other professional sports.

Does anybody know where these huge amounts of money really go?

Does anybody know how to get the fight against ALS in line for some of these charitable windfalls?

ALS has been ironically cruel to so many sports figures, it seems like a fitting use for this money. We always read about the $10,000 knuckle rap given to a wealthy athlete or a $500,000 knuckle rap given to a sports franchise, but do we ever actually learn which charities get the money?

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