Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday Food For Thought

There has been a lot of coverage amidst the Superbowl media circus about the retired NFL players who face the crippling side-effects of their careers. They are trying to shine some light on their problem since the NFL and the NFLPA have not.

There have been so many athletes after Lou Gehrig who have faced ALS, including many football players. A fairly young NFL star of the Seahawks, Glenn Montgomery, died from it. Wally Hilgenberg of the Minnesota Vikings has it now. Notre Dame All-American and Bronco All-Pro Pete Duranko is dealing with ALS, too. CFL star Tony Proudfoot was recently diagnosed.

There are theories about the triggers. Head trauma? Stress? Turf chemicals?

What if NFL players' ALS is job-related? Would that not add some significant fuel to the retired players' fire?

MSNBC 2/3/08

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