Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Placido Lansbury or Sir Michael J. Hyde-Pierce?

There is an interesting article at www.gettingattention.org this morning.

ALS advocates have longed for a big name, a star, a living Lou Gehrig, to help promote the cause. Yes, ALS needs to get some attention.

It seems to Sleepy that there are stars who are associated with causes and then there are superstars of causes. The superstars have the genuine fire and the rage. The superstars never let an opportunity to mention the cause slip by. The superstars know the value that they can deliver to a cause and they are driven to deliver 24x7. The superstars can talk off the script.

ALS doesn't need a star shining bright only when the spotlights are on. ALS needs a cause-superstar with a huge fire burning within. In the meantime, we ordinary advocates need to keep pushing for visibility and for progress and for new approaches.

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