Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is There A New Message That Could Capture The Attention Of A Football-Crazed Nation?

Yesterday the news broke that the NFL and the NFLPA will provide benefits to players who have developed ALS.

I hope that perhaps they will also consider doing something simple and good that will put the need for more ALS research on our national radar. How about a series of ads during the playoffs and on the Superbowl that show some of those NFL alumni dealing with ALS along side some of our brave military veterans dealing with the same challenging disease? That would get our nation's attention. That would help people understand the need to get to the bottom of a disease that cuts short the lives of some of our most talented and brave Americans.

ALS should be a national outrage. Might the NFL and NFLPA help get the word out? Those who entertain and amaze us on Sundays have a terrible something in common with those who protect and amaze us every day.

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