Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here's A Good Read With Room For Some ALS Articles

A few months ago Sleepy subscribed to Neurology Now, a publication of the American Academy of Neurology. It is geared for the layperson. It's an excellent health publication. The articles are relevant to a number of neurological conditions and are much more informative than much health news we get in the general media. has an online edition and an option to subscribe to the print edition. I recommend it highly. The subscription form has a list where you can select the disease that interests you. ALS / Lou Gehrig's Disease is there. Phew!
It wouldn't be all bad if they got a lot of subscription requests from people interested in ALS / Lou Gehrig's Disease. Actually, it would be great if ALS interest raised some American Academy of Neurology eyebrows.
Since national ALS organizations seem to be hanging out here lately, perhaps their communications gurus might get the idea that Neurology Now might be a great place for some interesting ALS news.


Anonymous said...

Hi--Thank you for the kind words. We have an article on Augie Nieto coming up in the Sept/Oct issue.

--The Neurology Now Editors

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Neurology Now editors. Your magazine is wonderful and so is Augie. We look forward to your continuing covering ALS -- an important topic that should be much higher on our national radar. Thanks!