Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Michael Goldsmith Remembered

On July 4, 2009 Major League Baseball launched an ALS Awareness campaign, commemorating the 70th anniversary not just in Yankee stadium, but also in every league ballpark where baseball was played that day. And MLB pledged that the anniversary events were just the beginning of an ongoing commitment to the ALS cause.

Michael Goldsmith had grown up in New York, made what he knew was likely his final trip to his hometown. He took the field in Yankee Stadium and threw out the ceremonial first pitch to a standing ovation. “ALS robs us of our future, MLB’s decision has produced renewed hope.”

He knew, of course, that any hope would come too late for him. On Sunday, Nov. 1, one year to the date that his essay appeared in Newsweek, Michael Goldsmith died of respiratory failure due to ALS.

He was 58 years old.

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