Friday, September 18, 2009

Nothing Is Easy With ALS

Please watch this video news report:

The short news segment contains an education on ALS that everybody should be required to watch.

  • The patient is a sharp cookie isn't she? Her body is failing, but her words are enlightening, intelligent, and reasonable.
  • Time is a problem, isn't it? People with ALS deal with a ticking clock. They're told not to put things off, yet the world around them throws up obstacles that are taller and wider to someone dealing with ALS.
  • Loved ones try to help, don't they? How wonderful that a family would send a patient and her husband on a trip that would give them a break.
  • Most people don't understand, do they? What airline or insurance company would dismiss the problem of a person with ALS if they really understood the nature of what ALS is.
An investigative reporter in Seattle now understands ALS and has informed a few more people. Please pass this story along to people who don't understand ALS. Perhaps they may be in a position someday to be part of the solution rather than part of the obstacle course.

Perhaps we have all failed to get the word out about ALS effectively.

Society, if you can't cure it, then help them deal with it.

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