Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't Read This!

A software engineer once explained to me that the odds of getting a person to read a helpful file's contents would be much greater if they called it "dontreadme" rather than "readme." Here's hoping that theory on the attractiveness of verboten material holds with this posting.

There is a widow/widower benefit which all of those lost to ALS who served at any time in the U.S. military earned. Time is of the essence to get claims in for those who died in the past. This is the benefit that Dear Abby and Fred Campbell introduced to so many.

I'm not sure why our ALS organizations have not been more public and aggressive in passing this information along to those who may have lost loved ones many years ago.

Dear Abby...

Item from a PVA chapter with details and the importance of September 23...

Please help spread the word to those who may have spent the last five or ten or twenty years trying to forget the vicious Lou Gehrig's Disease that stole a spouse. They may well be entitled to some help.

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