Sunday, August 17, 2008

Everybody Talks About It. Nobody Does Anything About It.

Did you notice Senator Reid's comments on the floor of the Senate when he was trying to win the vote to vote on the Advancing America's Priorities Act S. 3297? Lou Gehrig's Disease was front and center as a reason to pass that act. The package includes legislation on paralysis, strokes, vision, maternal medicine, etc., but ALS -- Lou Gehrig's Disease -- was the poster health issue in that package. Its "awful" factor sits atop a long list of other serious health issues.

Did you notice Senator Obama's comments during the Rick Warren interviews this weekend? When the very predictable topic of stem cell research came up, Senator Obama specifically cited Lou Gehrig's Disease as one of the awful diseases that could be benefit from stem cells. Why do Senators seem to know that Lou Gehrig's Disease is one that America needs to deal with, yet they've not done something simple like passing the ALS Registry Act to expedite the search for clues?

Senator Obama was not one of the 79 co-sponsors of the ALS Registry Act. Perhaps he could have explained that when Reverend Warren asked him about a time he went against the grain.

Neither Senator Obama nor Senator McCain bothered to vote on the day the Senate voted not to vote on the Advancing America's Priorities Act. So much for leadership.

Senators talk about Lou Gehrig's Disease, but what do they do about it? Talk's cheap. Show us what you do.

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