Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can Sheep Really Inspire Change?

Sheep are so comfortable staying tight with the flock. When one strays a little, it doesn't take much to modify that behavior right back to the flock. You can even train them with a clicker or hand motions. They frighten easily and can be discouraged from the slightest independent streak. Sheep are easy prey and they stick close together. A border collie can keep even the largest flock focused and headed in the right direction. You shear the wool regularly and sheep are the renewable gift that keeps on giving.

But a bunch of sheep never cured a disease. They have never modified a paradigm. Sheep are not change agents. Sheep don't challenge and inspire. They're sheep. They give you wool and they are ultimately someone's dinner.

Are ALS advocacy programs designed so that only the good little sheep are embraced?

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