Friday, September 30, 2011

You Asked For My Phone Number, You Asked For My Email Address

Why was that, Dr. Clark?

Car salespeople touch base with even their most infrequent customers when there is a rebate that they would like to know about.

Bankers and brokers touch base with even their most impecunious customers when there is a policy change that they need to know about.

Shoot, our local ice cream stand reaches out to its customers via email so that they know when to stock up for the winter with their favorite flavors lest they miss their chance.

Why don't doctors reach out to their patients as soon as a clinical trial is recruiting that may make sense? Why don't doctors actively call or email patients who may qualify for a newly approved device such as the diaphram pacer that was approved for people with yesterday. With ALS speeding through their patients' vitality at an incredible clip, why do patients not hear about things that may help until their next regularly scheduled appointments. Three months can be the better part of a lifetime for a lot of people with ALS.

Those patient phone numbers work for things other than billing departments. Sleepy wishes that docs would take the same initiative to take care of patients as my car dealer or the ice cream stand.

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