Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ALS Organizations, Please Give Me A Reason To Stop Blog Recycling In 2012!

Here's hoping that all of our ALS organizations will wake up to their roles in ALS awareness. Keeping the disease a secret benefits nobody. Trite, safe, inflexible messaging doesn't work any better in 2011 than it did in 2000. Turning every awareness opportunity into a fundraiser turns people outside your choir away. Here are some trips down memory lane. The opportunities are still there. Next year I hope it won't be necessary to recycle all these thoughts.

Finally, two years ago a man with ALS, Michael Goldsmith, handed us all a glorious ALS awareness day with Major League Baseball on July 4. How could we have muffed his pitch?

We need for our ALS organizations to exert the same savvy and energy that Michael Goldsmith showed to raise large-scale awareness of this outrageous disease.

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Ragingbear said...

I hope you join the ALS Action group on Facebook because while the initial focus is on the Walton and Johnson issue, it will evolve into an organization that does exactly what you're wanting.

Jeff Lester