Friday, May 20, 2011

One Should Not Whine About One's Job

...on one's employer's facebook wall.

I found this facebook posting interesting. It was on the ALSA wall where they have finally made a comment regarding some offensive radio comments on a man with motor neuron disease.

ALS Association Sybil, 1st I saw it was Wednesday morning when I came back to work. I am one person trying to keep this page going, on top of all my other job responsibilities, and I have to take care of my young children after work hours. The ALS Association consists of real people with full time jobs and families, many of us caregivers after work for children and aging parents living with a variety of disease. I'm sorry if I wasn't on this quickly enough for you. Believe me, I understand the urgency. My grandfather died of ALS, so I am not just a clock puncher without compassion here. I work for the ALS Association because I WANT to. And like every one of you, we are all doing the best we can with the resources we have.

It's not about real people with compassion who WANT jobs. It's about results.

For many years we have seen ALSA fail to be a part of the online conversation and we have seen countless media opportunities muffed for lack of timely response.

If this happened to be a volunteer representing the ALS Association, then please forgive me for the misunderstanding. Whether an employee or a volunteer making the statement, it's past time to engage a communications professional who understands and can handle the 24/7, spontaneous nature of so many of today's media. Those smart phones don't shut down at 5 p.m., do they?

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