Sunday, December 26, 2010

Keep The Volley Alive, Please!

The front-page, Christmas Eve story in the Washington Post was beautiful.

It was a big-league feature in a big-league publication. How about some big-league letters to the editor from our ALS organizations?

Something along the lines of, "This is why we fight this insidious disease -- for Alan and Kathy and the tens of thousands of others who live every day with incredible courage and love."


Anonymous said...

Great stories that deserve great letters don't always happen M-F. Shelf life is ever so short. Yet another dimension of time...

Anonymous said...

The Washington Post lobbed a nice easy shot, and none of our ALS organizations returned the volley. We have too many of these unforced errors. The ALS cause needs some driven communicators who can write compelling, pithy responses whenever ALS is in the press.

Some of us are tired of the rambling, untargeted, pity form letters. It's time for pithy. It's time for spontaneous. It's time for targeted. It's time for results.