Tuesday, November 2, 2010

At Least It Didn't Use The Word "Lamestream!"

This is the last paragraph from a suggested letter-to-the-editor provided by ALSA for Veterans' Day --
But not enough people know about the registry. It was forgotten by the press. I hope this Veterans Day, the media will remember that our veterans and thousands of other Americans are fighting a war against ALS. And that the ALS Registry is there to help them fight back.

"It was forgotten by the press."
...and why might that have been?
...and who might have been responsible for that?
Hmmmm. Why are we blaming the media?

281-word, mass-produced, mass-submitted letters to editors aren't likely to fix the problem of ALS and the registry being forgotten by the press, either.

When will we ever learn?

Great Caesar's ghost!

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