Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Is That Ribbon, Mr. Smith?


There are 500 of us calling on our legislators today on Capitol Hill. Each of us is wearing a big red ribbon. Each ribbon represents 12 Americans who have died from ALS since we called on you a year ago.

Those are twelve precious lives represented on my ribbon. Twelve different Americans are represented on Mrs. Smith's ribbon. And more and more on every ribbon that you see on The Hill today. Please look around when you're in the cafeteria today. Every ribbon represents 12 different Americans who have been killed by ALS in the last twelve months. I wish I could tell you about my 12 -- a young mother, a veteran, an elderly musician, a firefighter, a teacher,...

That is why we must stop ALS. If we take another year to find the cause and cure, we'll be wearing two ribbons next year.

The cumulative toll of this disease is a national tragedy.

Thank you for asking, Senator. A lot of people ask about the ribbons.

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Anonymous said...

Creative minds at work, at last. More of an impact with message than those ALS pennants that made powerchairs look like a sporting event. Bravo