Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here Are Some Twitterers For Your Consideration

If twitter can play an important role to those interested in the exercise of democracy in Iran, then perhaps it will help us with the relatively simple task of being good ALS advocates.

At one time twitter seemed like a solution in search of a problem. It's now starting to find some good problems where it can engage conversation. There are a number people who twitter about ALS. I highly recommend that you consider following some of them.

@alscanada is simply the best. This is an example of a not-for-profit that understands the unique role that twitter can play in communication. @alscanada adds energy, spontaneity, and a sharp mind to twitterspace.

Here are a few more for your consideration:


It's an art form. It's not about press releases and planned communication. I'm not sure it has reached its best use, but it's moving in a good direction for ALS awareness with the tweets from these people and others.


ALSofGNY Blog said...

The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter also Tweets at @ALSofGNY

Laurie Pringle said...

We're so grateful for your kind words and your advocacy efforts!

We're always happy to "retweet" the great work of other organizations and keep the ALS conversation alive.

P.S. We also like to have fun, so please feel free to say hi and follow us. We'll always follow back and reciprocrate with our twitter friends.

Thanks again!
Laurie Pringle
ALS Society of Canada
aka @alscanada

Angel said...

I have to second @ALSofGNY -- They've been Twittering for awhile and it's always been useful, educational and personable.

And another tweep who lives with ALS: Fern Cohen, @fec139

Sleepy said...
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Sleepy said...

Sorry I spaced it on ALSofGNY (I'm living up to the Sleepy name). Thanks for the heads-up and for the tweets!

Sleepy said...

To all not-for-profits who tweet spontaneously and often, thanks for talking WITH your peeps (and not just talking TO your peeps).

Prize4Life said...

Thanks a lot for compiling the list and for including us!
Joining in for the praise for @alscanada. It's been great to cooperate with you and all the other ALS orgs and related people.
Let's find a cure together!