Monday, December 29, 2008

NFL Playoffs - All Eyes Could Be On ALS

The Ravens made it to the playoffs, and a Raven staff member and former player is a big motivator for that team, and he has ALS. O.J. Brigance needs to be on every news show and sports show hyping the playoffs. When a strapping athlete is cut down by this disease, it speaks volumes about the need for us (and the us grows when a zillion football fans are watching) to figure out the cause and cure.

Should it be of concern that ALS might be an occupational hazard of professional football?

Here are some names (if you know of others, please submit them in the comments and we'll add to the list) --

Eric Scroggins
O.J. Brigance
Glenn Montgomery
Pete Duranko
Peter Demmerle
Steve Smith
Tony Proudfoot (CFL)
Bob Waters
Orlando Thomas
Wally Hilgenberg

This week provides a huge opportunity for some ALS advocacy. A team in the Washington, DC, area is in the playoffs and has a living PALS showing its players the meaning of courage.


P.S. Sleepy also sees a challenge that has plagued ALS advocacy efforts for years. Once a high-profile athlete or celebrity aligns with one of the many ALS not-for-profits for fundraising purposes, for some reason the others seem to drop the awareness opportunities that the athlete can provide on a big stage.

Ok, Packard Center, MDA, ALSA, MND Association, Extra Hands, ALSTDI, and others. Here is an opportunity to spread the word about a startling correlation of NFL players and ALS and a courageous PALS leading his team through the playoffs. The stage is big. It's time to be big enough for a big stage and know what to do with an opportunity... together or indivudually... but don't drop the ball. Just do it. It's not every week when you have a nation glued to the tube like this. We know you didn't plan for a Ravens playoff run in your annual p.r. plans, but you can be nimble and seize the opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

Bob Hohn (Nebraska) played for the Steelers 1965 - 1969 died of ALS in 2003.