Friday, September 5, 2008

There's No Haagen And There's No Daz, But There's A Ben and There's A Jerry

In yesterday's WSJ, we learned that Ben and Jerry's is promoting a governmental national registry to help them guarantee that there will be no ingredients in their products sourced from cloned livestock.

A few have made such a pledge. The center said eight companies it surveyed said they wouldn't knowingly use food from the offspring of clones. These include Seattle-area organic retail cooperative PCC Natural Markets and Unilever's Vermont-based ice-cream maker Ben & Jerry's, which is pushing the government to create a national registry for clones and their offspring.

If Ben and Jerry can pull this off to protect our Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey, perhaps we can enlist their help to get a registry for human beings with ALS.

Senators, please pass S. 3297 NOW!

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Anonymous said...

I do not understand much about ALS or this registry thing. How come the Sanate has to become involved with approving something most would expect the CDC should be doing now. Can you explain please?