Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dr. No - Tomnibus Coburn

This Group is taking a deserved break from The ALS Registry Act, S.1382 / S.3297 the notorious Tomnibus Bill of the 110th Congress. We have been working overtime, behind the scenes, and think it best to calm down, reboot our laptops, and plan a strategy for September when our great lawmakers return.

We are NOT rewriting the original story of Dr. No. who may have fooled us once but next time around Dr. No will be defeated. We have faith because we have numbers, large numbers.

The ongoing fight for The ALS Registry Act , to be continued.

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Anonymous said...

On Monday I thought the R side said that there was no time to deal with the Tomnibus because they needed to get an energy bill before the August recess... and they couldn't slip Tomnibus in quickly because Tom indicated that he would take up all the time allowed to him to talk about waste.

I thought that the D side said that they could slip the Tomnibus in, do something good for America, and still get back to energy.

It's Friday. We have no energy bill. We have no ALS Registry.

So much for waste.