Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nationwide Boycott of Oklahoma Football 2008 - 2009

LETTER To The Editor

Prepared By: Charles B. Ormsby (Skip) secondary caregiver to Gwyn B. Ormsby, wife of brother Richard M. Omsby "Chad". Gwyn was a Patient with ALS (PALS) who passed on 2008 Mar 17 after a seven year battle with ALS.

Prepared For: Okalahoma Media Outlet

Contact Information – Charles Ormsby (Skip)
E-mail: ayeons1382@yahoo.com
Mail: PO Box 1072 -- Lake Oswego OR. 97034-0121

Support Passage of US Senate Bill S.1382, ALS Registry Act

ALS Family Story of Laura Stanley, Corona CA

Press Release from Charles B. Ormsby (Skip)
re: Article from Wall Street Journal Dec. 21, 2007 -- Page A1 Sen. Tom Coburn

To The Editor:

Oklahoma has been devastated in 2008 with a deadly tornado season. Resources are required to recover from wounds to individuals, family, neighbors, and communities. How would you feel if one person stymied those efforts and cut off potential public disaster relief funds?

Thomas Coburn MD, Republican, junior, US Senator from the State of Oklahoma has done just that to ALS patients (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis / Lou Gehrig’s disease). Including susceptible military veterans – nation wide and in the State of Oklahoma. ALS is an orphan condition and like a tornado is capricious about where it touches down and inflicts devastation. Diagnosis of ALS means slow death, there is no cure.

Patients with ALS (PALS) become paralyzed from the neck down. Death is inflicted upon PALS by suffocation. Due to paralysis of diaphragm muscles and complications from pneumonia (drowning). With likely financial ruin to surviving family that must pay for 24 x 7 supportive care in time and money.

PALS, and caregivers are seeking a cure. We met in 2008 May in Washington DC. Our top legislative goal in 2008 is the establishment of a national registry of ALS patients. This is to identify and link unknown causes just like in tornado abatement research.

Fair warning: Citizen’s in Oklahoma need to act today and, stop US Senator Coburn’s (Dr. No) "Hold" action on US Senate Bill 1382 – ALS Registry Act.

ELSE: Caregivers and supporters of ALS patients are preparing to urge a nationwide boycott of all Oklahoma football and athletic events in the 2008 – 2009 seasons.

"Loose one for Lou and End Registry Lockout!"

Please Visit: http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/org/ayeons1382

Thank you, for your time, compassion, and action.
Charles Ormsby (Skip)


Anonymous said...

The ultimate holding penalty?

"Sooner" or later, somebody needs to get through to Senator Coburn!

Anonymous said...

It is not said, but one would assume that Mr. Ormsley is proposing such a boycott of Oklahoma athletic events nationwide. One can also assume that such a boycott would require folks from all over the country to write their local newspapers.

As one with ALS, if a boycott is needed to shake some sense into Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn since he single handedly is blocking the ALS registry legislation, so be it. Sign me up.

Cure4ALS said...

My dad has ALS. I am 27 and this disease has completely altered my life. My dad is everything to me and it has been only through my faith that I am able to keep going everyday. I am an avid, passionate ALS Advocate and an ALS TDI Ambassador. I AM ALSO AN OKLAHOMA RESIDENT. First, allow me to state that I am highly offended by this. I am not a sooner fan, I went to OSU. I am also not a Tom Coburn fan, and in fact have sent him numerous emails and am quite disgusted by his choice and his explanations for his choice. I did not vote for him, but I did vote. The fact that a collegiate football team is being singled out for one man's ignorance, in a sense, puts you on the same level as him. And do you really think it will be effective. Please do not have this campaign sound as if it were from ALS patients alike, for my father would be ashamed to be included in a rude, and just downright ignorant campaign. Please, I know you are all angry, I am too. But this is ridiculous and the only thing being accomplished here is making ALS patients look like jerks. What if there is a football player who has a mother or father with ALS. What message do you think this sends him? Giving people an ultimatum never has good consequences. Tom Cohburn couldn't care less about your threats, he obviously only cares about himself. I am just blown away by this. How ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Busy guy when he's not blocking legislation and delivering babies --

By The Associated Press
TULSA -- U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn reported taking two trips paid for by private groups and income of between $1.3 million and $4 million in his annual financial disclosure statement.

Coburn, R-Okla., took trips to Palm Beach, Fla., for the Club for Growth and to Philadelphia for The Heritage Foundation. He reported earlier that he received reimbursements totaling about $5,000 for the two trips.

Among Coburn's listed assets were numerous publicly traded stocks, U.S. Treasury bills, a note, and those associated with his medical practice in Muskogee.

He reported that he continues to hold positions as the manager of two real estate companies and the president of his medical clinic, all of which are in Muskogee.

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